Olive’s Carribean Restaurant (Gidi Shawarma) in London, UK

Installed on 15/12/2015



Operator Details

Name of Operator: Landmark Bitcoin

Support Phone: 2038668968

Support Email: [email protected]


City: London, UK

Location Name: Olive's Carribean Restaurant (Gidi Shawarma)

Business Phone: 020 7635 6900


134a New Cross Road London SE14 5BA United Kingdom

Open Hours: Mon-Sun: 8:00 am - 11:30 pm

Bitcoin machine details:

ATM Type: General Bytes

Direction: Fiat ⇄ Crypto

Supported Coins: BTC,LTC

Fees: Buy:Buy 9.5% ,

Limits: Buy: GBP 2000/txn, Daily: GBP 10000

Information from the provider:

Price: Buy at 5123.15 GBP, Sell at 4433.76 GBP

Additional Details: Bitcoin: Sell rate: GBP 4265.46 | Buy rate: GBP 4926.93

Details: Bitcoin ATM is installed at Olive's Carribean Restaurant (Gidi Shawarma) in London, UK. You can buy and sell bitcoins for cash here. Bitcoin ATM is located at Olives Carribean restaurant in London. You can buy bitcoins here.