The Lamassu ATM is comprised of three parts.

  1. The Douro: the interface and cash collector.
  2. The Santo Tirso: if you want a two-way option you will have to also purchase this depositor solution. The Santo Tirso also acts as a stand for the Douro.
  3. The Braga: if you do not want a two-way option you will have to purchase this option. The Braga is a simple stand that acts as a anchor for the bitcoin ATM


  • 6mm hardened Swedish steel vault, 2.5mm steel enclosure
  • Top of the line anti counterfeit bill validation
  • Holds up to 600 bank notes and accepts currencies in nearly 200 countries
  • Supports leading exchanges, wallets and price feeds
  • Advanced open source admin backend enables full remote control of machine
  • Decentralized operation ensures no single point of failure
  • Independence: operation with or without third-party services
  • Flat rate support fee – we do not take a cut of your transactions or profits.



  • Douro: $6,000.00
  • Douro + Santo Tirso: $11,000.00
  • Douro + Braga: $7,700.00


In case you are looking for further details about the Lamassu products you may visit their FAQ on the manufacturer page.